Wi-Fi spy software

Look inside their phone

Track your partner’s Wi-Fi connections and see what they are doing online. View their connections to understand better what they’re up to.

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See what networks they connect to

Uncover what networks your partner has connected to and observe any new or unknown Wi-Fi names. Get an idea of the type of activities they may have been pursuing.

Block networks

Block certain networks that your partner has connected to so they are no longer able to access those connections. Ensure that only trusted connections are being made and have greater peace of mind.


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Holly Lewis

I used this feature alongside the many other useful features of this app. Wi-Fi spying enabled me to locate a network with the cafe's name in it, despite never having been there together. Shortly after, I discovered that my husband was meeting up with his lover at the said cafe!

Austin Walker

I recently noticed that my boyfriend had been lying to me about his whereabouts and became suspicious of his activities. With a spy app's Wi-Fi spying feature, I was able to locate an unfamiliar network in the area he claimed to be visiting - one that did not belong to anyone we knew. Sure enough, it turned out he was meeting up with my friend at her house!

Benjamin Davis

After my partner showed suspicious behavior, I decided to look into her activities with a spy app. With its Wi-Fi spying feature, I was able to detect that she had been accessing the internet using an unknown network - one that didn't belong to anyone we knew. I blocked this network, and we had a conversation. She confessed she was cheating.



If any questions left

Can I spy on text messages through the Wi-Fi tracker app?

No, you cannot spy on text messages through Wi-Fi. Text messages are sent via cellular networks, not Wi-Fi spy software. If you want to monitor someone's text messages, the only way to do so is by installing a spy app onto their device that will capture all incoming and outgoing texts. However, when purchasing Spynger, you get complete access to the text messages and can monitor the messages remotely without having physical access to the device. With Spynger, you can track all SMS sent and received on their phone along with other activities like call logs, social media activity, etc.

Why Spynger is the number one Wi-Fi tracking app?

Spynger stands out from other tracking apps due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. With Spynger's easy-to-use dashboard, you can gain valuable insights about the networks that are connected with your partner. And if something seems suspicious? Don't worry—the Spynger Wi-Fi monitoring app is here to help! It can give you more evidence so that you can prove your suspicions quicker than ever before.

Can I use a Wi-Fi spy app for Android if my partner has iPhone?

The answer to this question is yes. You can use a Wi-Fi spy app for Android even if your partner has an iPhone. All you need to do is to check the compatibility of the software. You can monitor your partner's iPhone from the Spynger's dashboard. Spynger is a Wi-Fi spy app that provides a range of features and tools to help you monitor your partner's activities. It also has real-time GPS tracking, call and SMS monitoring, photo and video logging, keylogger capturing, calendar access, and even more.

How can I block a Wi-Fi network with Spynger?

You can view your partner's Wi-Fi connections and select those you want to have blocked. With Spynger, you can block Wi-Fi networks within your own home or in a public space. When a device attempts to connect to the blocked Wi-Fi network, Spynger Wi-Fi tracking app will recognize it and block the connection. This prevents your partner from accessing potentially harmful or inappropriate content on that network. Spynger also allows you to monitor your partner's online activity and set restrictions for them. With this feature, you can rest easy knowing that your partner is staying safe online. So, if you're looking for a way to protect your loved ones from Wi-Fi risks, Spynger is the perfect solution!