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Find the proof of their cheating

Track down proof of infidelity with Telegram tracker, a powerful tool to monitor conversations on the popular messaging platform.

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See secret chats

Monitor secret chat conversations, which are encrypted chats between two users. Keep an eye on who your partner is talking to and what they’re saying without them having any idea.

View shared media

Easily view any photos, videos, documents, voice messages, or other media shared over Telegram. Know what your partner is doing behind your back and ensure they’re not hiding something from you.

Check messaging history

View the complete message history of any Telegram chat and find out what your partner has been discussing. Make sure they’re not up to anything suspicious.


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Charlene Adderiy

I used a Telegram spy app to catch my partner who was cheating on me, and it worked like a charm! The app allowed me to monitor all of their conversations, so I had proof when confronting them about their unfaithful behavior.

Richard Edwards

This app is a great way to watch your partner if you suspect they might be up to something suspicious. After installing the app on my partner's phone, it was easy for me to get access to all of their private conversations. I finally knew what my partner was doing behind my back.

Caleb Dunce

I looked through my husband's Telegram secret chats and found out that he was messaging another woman. I was disgusted and felt betrayed. With the help of this app, I was able to have access to all the evidence that I needed.



If any questions left

How to track a Telegram user?

A tracking app like Spynger is the best Telegram tracker for monitoring someone’s activity. They provide access to conversations, contacts, media files, and other data on a person’s account. To track someone via Spynger software, you need to install the app on their device first – either Android or iOS – then log in with your own credentials and start monitoring.

How to track Telegram messages?

If you want to use the Telegram tracker, Spynger can help. It allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages from a person’s account – including text messages, photos, videos, stickers, and other media files. You can also set alerts so that you are notified if your target user sends or receives any messages containing specific keywords. Additionally, it is possible to view secret conversations.

How to track the Telegram number?

Spynger allows you to track a Telegram number. It will provide you with detailed information about the person associated with that number – including their name, profile picture, and other personal details. You can use this data to identify whether the user is who they claim to be and if they are engaging in any suspicious activity. Additionally, Telegram online tracker can monitor conversations from different messaging apps, so it’s possible to keep track of all communication between your target user and their contacts across different platforms.

What else can I do with a Telegram tracking app?

With a Telegram tracker app like Spynger, you can keep track of all Telegram messages sent and received by the user. This includes text-based conversations and any images or videos that may have been shared. You can also use Spynger to view call logs, track device location, monitor browsing history, access multimedia files stored on the device, and even block unwanted contacts. All this data is accessible from your secure online dashboard, where it is easy to analyze and review for suspicious activities. Additionally, Spynger - Telegram spy has advanced features such as keylogging to capture passwords, and other confidential information typed on the target device.

What can I see with a Telegram spy app?

A Telegram spy app allows you to access all data exchanged over the messaging platform – including private conversations, group chats, and multimedia files. You can also view call logs and track the device's location in real time. All of this data is stored securely in your online dashboard, which you can easily access anytime from anywhere. This makes it easy to monitor activity on Telegram and identify any suspicious activities.