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Stella Walker

My shy boyfriend never sent me even “Good morning” bedroom selfies. I thought it was just not his style, but I was wrong. One day, I decided to take matters into my own hands and downloaded your app. At first, nothing suspicious appeared in his gallery, but then I opened Shared files and found tons of pictures far from innocent.

Ryan Wilke

I love this app for detailed info about the time of media. After looking at the data, my wife just gave up on attempts to justify her actions. I had accidentally seen one of her pics before, but she convinced me that it was old. However, with the photo tracker, I could find out the exact day & time she took it!

Cornelia Chen

Nothing wrong with my relationships yet, but I was cheated on before. Your app gives me peace of mind that I can trust my partner. Anytime I feel anxious about the relationship, I use a photo tracker to scan for suspicious activity. The results give me a sense of relief.



If any questions left

Is tracking someone’s pictures legal?

It depends on the context and the circumstances. Generally, it is illegal to track someone’s files without their permission. However, there are certain circumstances where it may be legal. For example, a couple is married or in a committed relationship, and both parties agree to it. We recommend consulting with an attorney if you are unsure of the legality of using the image tracker app.

How to look at other people's pictures on their phone with Spynger?

Once you sign up for Spynger, you can easily access other people's pictures on their phones. All you need to do is log into your photo spy dashboard. You will then be able to search for another person's files by going to "Photo" in the left-hand menu. From there, you can choose a specific photo or browse through all of their images.

Can I save the photos or videos I find on Spynger?

Yes, you can save any photos or videos that you discover through the best Photo Tracker App, Spynger. To do so, open the file you want to download and press the 'Save' button under the file. This will allow you to store the media file on your device, giving you offline access.

Do you know any free tools to spy on photos?

File backup is the only way to access media files for free, but the process is quite complex and puts you at certain risks. You must connect the target device o a computer and navigate through specific menus for certain data types. However, downloading media from a locked or encrypted phone is extremely difficult. Therefore, it's better to use a professional third-party picture tracker app like Spynger to monitor photos in real time.

What platforms is the Photo Tracker App available on?

Whether your target user owns an Android or iOS device, Spynger Photo Tracker will extract the media files without any problem. You can monitor them by logging into your personal online dashboard from any Internet-connected PC, tablet, or phone.

Is it easy to detect the image tracker app?

Thanks to the Stealth mode of operation, Spynger is undetectable on the target device. Our photo spy is designed to be used discretely and without the user knowing. The app doesn’t affect the target device’s performance, meaning that it won’t slow down the phone or tablet. Additionally, Spynger doesn’t show up on the app list, so the user won’t know that it is installed.

How to install Photo Tracker app on the target device?

Generally, you have to create an online account with a valid email address and purchase a subscription plan that fits your needs. Then, you will receive guidelines and a download link for the Photo Tracker. Once you receive the link, open it on the target device and click "Download" to install the application. After installation, you need to log in with your created account to monitor the device remotely.