Spyware for iPhone

Brings cheaters to the light

50% of people cheat. And 1.5 billion people own iPhones. Main point? With spyware for iPhone, you will know the truth.

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Get their iPhone data now

Turn stealth mode on

They won’t notice a thing as the iPhone spy app runs silently in the background. 100% secret tracking.

Run keylogger & capture screen

Track every single keystroke they make and capture screenshots of their online activity.

Know their chat circle

Get closer to private communcations. Monitor their calls, messages, and emails with associated contact data and timestamps.

Track GPS location

Follow their real-time movements with GPS tracker. Access the history of past routes. Receive notifications when they enter or leave designated areas.

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Access online activities

Monitor complete browser history and app usage. Block any suspicious websites and apps in one click.

Use advanced features

See the full list of Wi-Fi networks they’re using and block them if necessary. Monitor their calendar entries and visit websites saved in bookmarks.

Unlock social media

Find out everything about their chats, calls, and contacts on social networks & messengers. Check our list of supported applications.


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Kris Jehnsen

Everything went well until she took on a new project. Overwork and much less time for us. I decided to install iPhone spy to follow her way home - just to be sure she was safe. Well, Spynger showed me that she wasn’t in office at all.

Anna Smith

I usually say that only blind people can’t see the truth. But this time, I was wrong. My husband was cheating on me, and I didn't know anything until Spynger showed me his chats. Don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to find out without this app.

Jane Jones

Eye-opener for me. Do you believe that cheaters become cold and distant? Not at all. He showered me with gifts and attention, while in reality, he was…not alone. I don’t know what would’ve become of me if I didn’t find out. Thank you.



If any questions left

How to spy on iPhone?

The monitoring process doesn't have to be complicated. That's why at Spynger, we decided to introduce a user-friendly iPhone spy app that everybody can use. It's simple: all you have to do is to login into your account All data collected will be sent to your online dashboard and easily accessible. It is an effective way of knowing what's going on without having the device in your hand.

How to install Spynger on iPhone?

Generally, you must create your account, select the subscription plan, and receive a download link via email. Then you have to open it on the target device and install the spy software for iPhone. After that, you can access the target data from any Internet-connected device by logging into your personal account.

How to spy on iPhone without access to phone?

Our iPhone tracker is a remote solution for smartphone monitoring. You don't need to have physical access to the target phone as long as you are logged into the online dashboard. Once your account is created, you can track all activities of an iPhone device from anywhere in the world.

Will the user know about iPhone tracking software?

The main point is to provide you secure and private iPhone monitoring experience. Our stealth mode guarantees that nobody will suspect a thing. The target device will remain silent, and all the activities will be uploaded to your personal account via a secure Internet connection.

Does the iPhone tracker analyze the data?

Yes, it does, and moreover - you will get brief and comprehensive iPhone monitoring reports on a daily basis. This feature is accessible on the main page of your account. If you need to get more than spying on their specific activities, reports will show you various trends, such as the most used apps and websites, favorite contacts, and more.

Do you recommend the spy app for iPhone free download?

After comprehensive research and testing, we have determined that most free iPhone trackers are unreliable. They may come with various features, but they are mostly outdated, slow, and lack customer support. Therefore, if you need the best possible results, we recommend investing in a reliable paid Spynger app download for iPhone. This way, you will get access to all the features and enjoy advanced technical assistance.

Is the tracking app for iPhone available on the App Store?

You can download the best iPhone spy app only from the official website, as it is unavailable on the App Store. We hadn't listed it on the App Store as we value our customers' privacy and data security. Plus, enabling the Stealth Mode feature on the App Store wouldn't be possible.

How long does it take to catch a cheater with iPhone monitoring software?

It depends on the cheating partner's activity and the type of data you are looking for. Generally, if your target person is active online and you have set up all the monitoring tools properly, it will take no more than 24 hours to detect any suspicious behavior. With accurate iPhone monitoring, you can catch a cheater without any delay!

What should I do if I don't have enough time to monitor the data?

In such cases, we suggest that you configure alerts and notifications to keep track of any suspicious activity with the iPhone tracker and identify any potential cheating behavior at an early stage.

Does the iPhone tracking software require a subscription?

At Spynger, we understand that a one-time purchase of spy software for iPhone doesn't fit our customers' needs. We aim to provide software and comprehensive services and support. Therefore, our phone tracking software requires an active subscription.

Can I test iPhone spy app before I buy it?

Sure, you can. Before you start real-time monitoring, test the features with a demo to ensure they meet your needs. Our free demo allows you to configure the settings, try out different features, and get familiarized with the interface. You can also contact our support team if you have any questions or need assistance in setting up the iPhone monitoring software.

What devices does iPhone tracker support?

Our iPhone tracker is compatible with modern smartphones and tablets running iOS. If you have doubts whether the target device is supported, get in touch with us, and we'll help you out.

Is it possible to download media files from the target device?

Of course! You can download them as quickly as if they were stored on your local device. All you need to do is log in to the web panel of the iPhone spy app and access the files from there.

How accurate is the GPS tracker?

In some cases, it's not enough to find the target device location on the map. That's why we've built a powerful iPhone monitoring technology that is accurate up to 20 meters. Moreover, the location tracking tool displays the address and timezone of the target device.

What happens to websites when I block them?

When you block a website with an iPhone spy app, it will no longer be visible on the target device. The user won't be able to access any page of that site. However, they will still have access to other websites and services.

Is it possible to get login details for the target device?

Yes, it is possible to get login details for the target device. You can find out what apps and services are installed on the phone, see which ones require a password or PIN, and even access usernames and passwords with the spy software for iPhone.

Does your app support the monitoring of dating sites?

Yes, our iPhone spy app supports the monitoring of dating sites. The user can track the activity on these sites and find out usernames and passwords. Additionally, you can set up notifications to alert you when a particular website is accessed. If you just want them to be blocked from accessing these sites, set up restrictions to prevent the target user from visiting them.