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Spynger is a comprehensive spy solution that gives you total control over what’s happening on your partner's phone.

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Stealth mode

The spy app operates in stealth mode, making it possible to covertly install on the target phone without detection – accessing and tracking all activities for your desired results.

Keylogger and screenshots

Easily monitor the activities of the target phone with the app's remote screenshot and keylogger capabilities! With just a few clicks, you can keep tabs on the phone without any hassle.

Calls, contacts, sms, mail

The app allows users to access call logs, contact lists, SMS messages, and emails of the target device remotely. It will provide you with an insight into their target's digital life without them ever knowing.


This feature shows users where the target device is in real time. Set a radius and receive notifications when the target device goes outside of that area. Know where your target device is located.

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Website and app blocker

Remotely block websites and applications on the target device. Take control over what the target device can access. View their browser history and installed apps.

Other important features

See the Wi-Fi networks that your target device is connected to. Block any Wi-Fi networks that are unsafe or inappropriate. Check the calendar events and look at bookmarks stored in browsers on the target device.


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Austin Gill

I'm so grateful that I found this spy app, as it allowed me to uncover the truth about my partner's behavior and put an end to my suspicions. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking for answers and peace of mind. Thanks to this spy app, I found out the truth and put my worries aside.

Daniel Derrick

The app worked perfectly and provided me with the answers I was looking for. It also gave me peace of mind knowing that my husband was unfaithful. I would recommend this spy app to anyone doubtful of their partner's activities.

Brendan Dickinson

So far, this is the best app I’ve ever tried. My girlfriend told me not to worry about her new friend. This app uncovered the truth when I read their messages. She was cheating on me with him!



If any questions left

How can I track a phone for free?

The simplest way to track a phone for free is to use the free mobile tracker. These apps are available for both Android and iOS phones, although the versions and features may vary. With a spy app installed on your phone, you can keep track of incoming calls, text messages, emails, social media activity, location data, and more. Some free spy apps even include advanced features such as call recording or keylogging. However, it's important to note that these apps often require physical access to the target device in order to be installed and used.

How does free cell phone tracking work?

As a rule, you can try a free trial period of the spy tracker before making a purchase. This is an opportunity for you to get familiar with the features and see if this type of monitoring app would be suitable for your needs. Generally, after signing up, you will receive a download link or instructions on how to install the application on the target device. Once installed, the software will start tracking the activities of the mobile device, including location, calls, text messages, and online activity. It may also be able to monitor other third-party apps. The data collected is sent in real-time to a secure server where it can be accessed by you from any web browser or through an app on your smartphone.

Is it safe to use a free spy phone tracker?

The safety of using a free spy phone tracker depends on the type you choose and how you use it. It’s always best to research any app before installing it, as some may not be entirely secure. You can try the Spynger app for free, as it is completely safe. It is the most reliable and secure spy phone tracker that can help you keep an eye on your loved ones.

How to choose a reliable spy cell phone tracker free?

Several important factors must be considered when selecting a reliable free spy app. Firstly, make sure the software is compatible with your device. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, plenty of options are available. Secondly, check the program's security features—ensure it will keep track of your information securely and protect your data from being hacked or accessed by unauthorized users. Thirdly, find out what additional features the program offers—some free apps can provide you with access to call logs, messages, and other activities. At the same time, more premium versions may allow for remote access, GPS monitoring, and other sophisticated features. Lastly, consider whether the program has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and understand. This will make using the software much smoother and allow you to get the most out of your experience. We recommend referring to Spynger download free. It is a reliable app that has a high level of user trust.