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Track the emails they write and receive. See what they’re sending to others and find out who else knows their secrets. Expose even more of their activities before it’s too late.

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Messages Received

Read someone's received emails as they come in and by accessing the device's email account to view past conversations. See the information about who the person is communicating with and what type of messages they are exchanging.

Sent Messages

View all sent messages from the device and see who the person is communicating with and what type of messages they are sending. See if anything is suspicious or out of character for the user.

Detailed Information

View details about each message, such as the time and date sent, the subject line, attachments, and more. See if any conversations are happening outside of normal business hours or that seem suspicious in any way. Access all this information quickly and easily to stay one step ahead of the game.


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Alex Adrian

I thought I could trust my partner until I found out he was talking to someone else. I was devastated, but the email spy feature helped me find out who it was and what they were saying to each other. Now I can make an informed decision about our relationship

Kevin Gilmore

I was able to find out the truth about my boyfriend's infidelity and gain closure by using an email spy app. This invaluable tool allowed me to keep tabs on any emails coming in or going out - giving me definitive proof of his actions. I no longer have to live a lie and can finally move forward with peace of mind.

Donna Berrington

My husband's affair was ruining my life until I found out with the help of the email spy feature. I was able to see the conversations he was having with his lover and put an end to it. This has saved our marriage and made me feel secure in my relationship again.



If any questions left

How to spy on someone using their email address?

While it is possible to spy on someone using their email address, you have to know several rules before using the email spy tool. First of all, use a reliable spy app. Make sure it is compatible with the target device before you install it. Secondly, get ready to find out the truth that was hidden. Thirdly, be aware that the target user might become suspicious if they see unusual activity on their account. Finally, use caution when using the app’s features. Make sure you don’t do anything illegal or unethical while monitoring someone else’s activity.

What should I look for when I spy on email to ensure my partner is cheating?

When it comes to using email spyware for evidence of cheating, there are a few key things you should look for. First, pay close attention to any emails that come from someone other than your partner's normal contacts. This could be an indication that something suspicious is going on. Furthermore, look for any emails with intimate or romantic content that your partner hasn't shared with you. Additionally, if you notice any emails discussing suspicious activities or meeting times, this could also indicate cheating. Finally, when you spy email, it's important to look for any changes in the frequency or tone of communication from your partner. If their emails become increasingly cryptic and there is a decrease in contact over time, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

How do I use email spying to catch my partner cheating?

Using the email spy is a great way to monitor and track your partner's activity on their email accounts. To use the spy app, you must first install it onto your partner's device. This can be done relatively quickly and easily with just a few clicks of your mouse. Once installed, you can then monitor your partner's activity on their email accounts and spy mail. All emails sent and received and conversations conducted via instant messaging services such as WhatsApp will be visible to you through the app. You can also track any changes that are made to their contact information or calendar appointments and more.

How to choose an app for email spy?

When choosing an email spy app, it is important to consider both the features and cost of the app. The best option you can choose is Spynger. It is both affordable and all-in-one spyware that can spy on emails, messages, calls, and social media accounts. It also provides real-time tracking of data usage so you can monitor the online activities of your target user. Spynger is easy to use and comes with a reliable customer support team that will assist you with any questions or issues you may have.