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According to 2016 data, Thailand is one of the most unfaithful countries, with a 51% rate, followed by Denmark (46%) and Italy (45%). This fact is quite saddening, as the rate is not likely to improve based on the cheating statistics.

Cheating is an unhealthy habit that is a burden to any relationship. It breaks loyalty apart and makes you question everything. According to the data, cheating often occurs during dating rather than during marriage. Unwillingness to commit is the reason cheating always occurs.

Seeing how terrible the cheating rate in the world is, how does it compare today? Is it improving or worsening? In this article, we will cover the infidelity statistics you need to know in 2024.

Infidelity Statistics in Numbers

So, is cheating more common today? Let’s check out the statistics below:

  • There were 20% of men and 13% of women who admitted to cheating in 2017
  • 16% of married couples have admitted to being unfaithful to their partners
  • The increase in women’s infidelity from 1990 is around 40%
  • 30% of couples have admitted to cheating at work
  • Infidelity caused divorce in 57% of marriages
  • 88% of women care more about emotional cheating rather than physical
  • 91% of women have admitted to emotional cheating, whereas the percentage of men is 77%

Given that infidelity is still high, we cannot be sure that the cheating trend will soon disappear. For those wondering, ‘Are men or women more likely to cheat?’ We will answer this question in a later section, along with other facts.

Below are the general statistics for cheating in 2024, according to the General Social Survey​ and the Institute for Family Studies:

General Statistics of Cheating in 2024

1. 30% of women and 20% of men have confessed to cheat on their partners

So, how common are affairs in today’s society? According to a study in 2017, 30% of women and 20% of men have admitted to cheating on their spouses. This ranged from emotional cheating to having an actual sexual relationship with other individuals.

Sexual harassment in the office was included as an act of infidelity by many married women.

2. 16% of married couples have confessed to cheating on their spouses

Data from Illicit Encounters, a dating site for married couples, have shown a dramatic increase in women’s registrations in the last year. One of the many reasons they cheated was their unsatisfactory emotional relationships with their partners.

3. Since 1990, Women’s Infidelity rate has increased by 40%

The percentage of women cheating has increased by 40%. This condition has worsened since the growing popularity of dating apps that connect people easily.

4. There’s a 30% of Infidelity Cases That Happened at Work

Seeing the worsening statistics on cheating in marriages, there is one fact you probably miss: there were 30% of infidelity cases occurred at work. Closeness and convenience cause people to cheat with their workmates. This means that you should maintain boundaries with your colleagues.

5. There are 57% of Divorces Caused by Infidelity

More than half of marriages were broken because of infidelity. This is a serious issue that should be noted. Cheating in marriages may cause distrust between spouses, and it would be difficult for them to gain the closeness they had before.

6. 88% of Women Consider Emotional Affairs More Devastating

Compared to physical affairs, 88% of women thought that emotional affairs might impose more serious damage. This kind of cheating means a close or intimate relationship even without making any physical contact. Sexual tensions may arise, but not until the point of sex.

7. 60% of Cheating Partners Didn’t Think of Having a Divorce

According to research, 60% of cheating partners did not intend to separate their relationships with their current partners. Most of them did not consider the consequences. Cheating is a stupid act that is not worth anything.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cheating

There are so many questions about cheating, including the one that says, “What is the least cheating country?” To answer your question, below are some of the commonly asked questions and their answers about infidelity.

Who cheats most in a relationship?

It all depends on the age, as gender doesn’t really matter when it comes to cheating. Women between 20-29 tend to cheat more than their spouses. As for the men, it’s between 30 and 39 years.

What percent of married men cheat?

According to the statistics, 44% of men cheated on their spouses because they wanted to have a greater desire for sex.

How many relationships end in cheating?

In reality, most relationships will always end when one of them is cheating. However, according to research, it shows that 57% of marriage failures were caused by infidelity.

What nationality cheats the most?

Some countries claim to have the least infidelity cases worldwide. However, in reality, this is hard to prove. In contrast, the countries that cheat the most are Thailand and some European countries. The rate was approximately 50%, which was considerably high.

What are the most unfaithful countries?

According to cheating statistics, Thailand is one of the most unfaithful countries in the world. This was followed by Denmark, Italy, Germany, and France. The United States, though, is not included in the top 10 lists.

Facts About Cheaters

While learning about infidelity statistics might make your blood boil, there are still some interesting facts about cheaters that you might not know.

Who is your spouse most likely to cheat with

A person is likely to cheat with someone they deem more interesting. This can be someone with a better look, better financials, or better in any other aspect. According to one study, there is a line connecting power and infidelity.

Statistics on cheaters cheating again

Someone who cheated will tend to cheat again in the future until they fully redeem themselves. According to statistics, a person is three times more likely to do so again.

Percentage of relationships that work after cheating

This is rather surprising. The percentage of relationships that work after one of them is cheating is 78%. This figure is made possible by the hardships they faced. When they notice a problem, they do not break right away. Instead, they do everything they can fix and end up being together. Their relationship is even stronger than before.

How to Catch a Cheating Partner Red-handed?

So, how common are affairs? Pretty common, we’d say.

Therefore, if you notice your spouse acting weird, it would be better for you to find an answer. One solution that may help you is a tool called Spynger.

spynger app

Spynger is a monitoring app specially designed for worried spouses. This tool runs on Android and can work stealthily in the background.

It packs several useful features, including 16 social app monitoring, a hidden screen recorder, a hidden GPS tracker, and a hidden keylogger. With Spynger, catching your cheating spouse red-handed will be easy work.


After reviewing cheating statistics, what do you think of infidelity? We hope that you will not have to face the same problem. Trust is the key to a successful relationship. If you cheat, you basically do not have the aspect of strengthening your relationship. Therefore, be truthful with your partner and be grateful to each other’s company.

Patrice Sol is an esteemed author specializing in the art of catching cheaters and unmasking hidden truths. Leveraging her extensive experience as a private investigator and keen insights into human psychology, Patrice has honed her skills in unraveling complex webs of lies.

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