Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating? 2 Smart Ways to Catch a Cheater

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating

You suspect your partner of cheating, but their app list seems pretty standard. No Tinder, Badoo, or anything incriminating. Perhaps you’re going crazy about their notifications beeping late at night, but their answer is, “Everything’s OK, honey. It’s just WhatsApp chats”.

Well, WhatsApp by itself is an innocent app. But do you know what is WhatsApp used for cheating?

It is like a messenger with the next-level settings that make cheating virtually undetectable. Self-destructing messages, pic, password-protected chats, and more. If your partner is up to something, they might use these privacy features to hide evidence.

Fortunately for concerned spouses and partners, WhatsApp privacy settings are not flawless. With the help of some tech tricks and online tools, you can quickly find out what really is going on. Read on to learn how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp!

[100% Works] How to Catch a Cheating Husband on Whatsapp?

Uncovering the truth would be easy if you could get a hold of their device. A few taps here and there, and you would know who’s been texting them all day long. But, if your partner is guilty of WhatsApp cheating, they’re likely protective of their device.

So, what can you do about it? Well, you can either wait for a perfect moment or use a WhatsApp monitoring app. With such a tool, you can quickly dig up the evidence you need without them ever knowing about it. We recommend using Spynger, the spy app designed to catch a cheating spouse.

spynger whatsapp

It lets you monitor WhatsApp activity remotely from any Internet-connected device. No need to worry about getting caught – Spynger runs invisibly on your partner’s device. And the best part is that the app sends you real-time updates whenever your partner uses WhatsApp!

Let’s look at what Spynger can do for you.

Spynger Cheating App: How to Spot WhatsApp for Cheaters

  • Compatible with Android & iOS Devices.
  • Runs invisibly on the target device.
  • Read WhatsApp cheating messages. Check sent and received messages in a chat-like view. Yes, even deleted and password-protected ones! You can also get more info about every message, such as time stamps, contact names, and numbers.
  • View call logs. Incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with numbers, contact names, timestamps, and duration.
  • Discover WhatsApp status. Check both public and private statues they’ve shared.
  • Monitor Files and Media. Access all multimedia files and documents sent and received on WhatsApp.
  • Capture Screenshots. Spynger takes a screenshot whenever your partner interacts with the target device. This way, they won’t delete anything without you noticing!
  • Keylogger. This tool works like magic by recording passwords and text they type.

How to Spot WhatsApp Cheating via Spynger?

Do people use WhatsApp to cheat? We can’t speak for everyone out there, but we can tell you how to check your partner’s activity. Just set up Spynger and get to the bottom of what’s going on. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1.  Create Your Account

Spynger sends WhatsApp data to your account, so you need to create one. Don’t worry, the process is quick and simple. Just complete the registration form with your email address and move on.

Step 2. Select Device and Plan

Spynger has two different versions for Android and iOS devices. Choose the one your husband uses. Then, select the subscription plan that you like the most.

Step 3. Install Spynger

Installation won’t take more than a few minutes, so follow the instructions on the screen and let the app do its job.

Step 4. Start Monitoring WhatsApp

Once everything is done, you can start monitoring your partner’s activities and read WhatsApp cheating messages. All it takes is logging into your Control Panel with registered account credentials.

Why Spynger Is the Best Tool for Catching WhatsApp Cheaters?

  • 100% Safe. With Spynger, you won’t get caught snooping on your partner’s WhatsApp. It runs in the background of a target device and doesn’t show up on the home screen or notifications.
  • Web-Based Solution. You can keep tabs on your partner’s online activities directly from any web browser. Spynger works perfectly both with mobile and desktop versions of popular web browsers.
  • Quick Set Up.  Spynger is incredibly simple to use; you don’t need any special skills or IT knowledge. It is one of the only spy apps that can be completely set up within minutes.
  • Support 30+ Data Types. Spynger is not limited to WhatsApp cheating messages. You can monitor all popular messengers and social media platforms if your partner has them. Want more? Then, a GPS tracker from Spynger is just what you need. 

How to Read Whatsapp Cheating Messages With Whatsapp Web?

If your partner isn’t glued to their phone, you can give WhatsApp web a shot. WhatsApp Web is a simple alternative to spy apps that also works from your web browser. You can launch it whenever your SO is not around (but their phone is). Once connected, you can read any conversations they had on the app. 

So, is Whatsapp for cheaters? Follow these steps to find out:

  1. Open your browser on a laptop or PC.
  2. Type in “WhatsApp Web” into the search bar. You’ll see the official Whatsapp Web page. Click on it.
  3. A QR code will pop up on the page.
  4. Tap WhatsApp on your partner’s phone.
  5. Go to Settings and select the “Linked Devices” option.
  6. Tap “Link a device.”
  7. Scan the QR code with your partner’s phone camera.
  8. Their WhatsApp screen will appear on your laptop or PC.
  9. Now, you can read all their WhatsApp cheating messages!

Just a quick tip: it’s better to use WhatsApp web for quick searches instead of using it for a long time. Your partner might notice the new device on a list of linked devices. If they know your PC model, you might end up in a heated argument.

By the way, this method works for Telegram and Viber as well. It’s not as convenient as Spynger, which is completely hidden and shows all messengers’ conversations in one window. Still, you can quickly look up the official web versions of these platforms on your PC if you’re short on time.

6 Tech Signs of Whatsapp Cheating

Signs of Whatsapp Cheating

If you search “Is WhatsApp used for cheating?” you’ll probably find tons of articles discussing signs of infidelity. They often mention behavioral changes and physical evidence, but all this info has nothing to do with cheating on WhatsApp. If you want to know if they really use this app for cheating, watch for some of the following tech signs:

  1. Blurred notifications. Most Android and iOS devices have a privacy blur feature. If your partner has enabled it, they might be hiding something.
  2. Empty chat history. If your partner chats on WhatsApp often, but their thread is empty whenever you look at it, they might be deleting them.
  3. Mirroring WhatsApp app for a second account (available for Android). If they don’t have a second account for business purposes, they might be using it for WhatsApp cheating.
  4. Password-protected chats. If they’ve set passwords for particular conversations, something is definitely off.
  5. Disabled “online” status. Cheaters know that with a disabled “last seen time,” their partners will never accuse them of late-night activities.
  6. ​​Too many unread messages. If they’re avoiding reading chats immediately, they might be waiting for you to leave so they can safely reply to them.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what is WhatsApp used for cheating, use the technology to your advantage! If your SO isn’t glued to their phone all the time, link it to the WhatsApp web. But remember, it’s visible to the device’s owner! 

For those who are not into playing roulette, Spynger is a better solution. This hidden spy app lets you read WhatsApp chats in real time from your device. Even if they have deleted or locked specific messages with passwords, Spynger will give you access to their chat history. Give it a try and put your mind at ease.

Patrice Sol is an esteemed author specializing in the art of catching cheaters and unmasking hidden truths. Leveraging her extensive experience as a private investigator and keen insights into human psychology, Patrice has honed her skills in unraveling complex webs of lies.

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