How To See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

Is your boyfriend acting distant? Is he chatting with someone on Facebook and getting protective about his phone? If your boyfriend is using Facebook on his phone more than ever, getting secretive, and ignoring you, it might be a sign that he’s cheating. At this time a valid question might pop up in your mind: how can I find out who my boyfriend is talking to on messenger or how can I see who my boyfriend is texting on Facebook?

It is obvious that confronting him won’t do any good. You can also not keep an eye on his phone all the time. But there are some ways you can confirm your suspicion without letting your boyfriend know.

Reasons to Check Your Boyfriend’s Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. However, it is also one of the top apps people use to cheat. Research reveals that 41% of people use Facebook to cheat on their partners and spouses. This is because Facebook can easily allow one to delete conversations and temporarily hide notifications.

While this is a surprising statistic, it is not a reason to suspect your partner. Here are some of the valid reasons that might propel you to suspect your boyfriend of using Facebook for cheating:

  • His eyes light up when they receive a notification.
  • He is being secretive about his activities on Facebook.
  • His behavior has changed, even when he is not using his phone.
  • He deletes his messages occasionally.
  • He has set a password for locking his phone or app lock apps for locking apps.

Top 3 Ways How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Facebook

If you’re suspicious of your boyfriend’s behavior, one question that you might be asking is: How can I see my boyfriend’s activity on Facebook?

There are many ways to verify your suspicion. Many internet articles will tell you how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages for free, but these methods are not very reliable. They can even hack the personal details from your phone and use them for phishing and other cybercrimes.

So, don’t fall for the FREE trap. Here is a list of the top three ways that are the most effective to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages:

1. Find a Reliable Keylogger

Reliable Keylogger

One of the most effective methods for accessing your boyfriend’s Facebook messages is finding a reliable keylogger. A keylogger is a program that records every keystroke made by the user on a computer.

However, this technique is used by hackers to get fraudulent access to confidential information and passwords. Keyloggers are pretty advanced, and tech-savvy computer programmers use them. They can use keyloggers to get access to one’s Facebook messages through a computer or laptop.

However, if you’re not tech-savvy, there’s no problem now. There are premium apps like Spynger that have already developed reliable keyloggers for the purpose of mobile tracking. Many parents and partners use this app to keep an eye on their children and partners.

2. Sneak Into His Facebook By Resetting the Password

Facebook Password

Another alternative to getting access to your boyfriend’s Facebook is cracking his password and resetting it. But before you try this method, you might think “how to get my boyfriend’s Facebook password?”

If you have access to his password, resetting it is no big deal. Just get a hold of his phone and reset the password by typing the current password and setting a new one.

However, if your boyfriend has never shared his Facebook password with you, cracking it might not be easy.

One option is to open his Facebook account through his phone when he has left it unattended and follow these steps:

  • Log out from his Facebook account.
  • Click “Forgot password” upon login.
  • Change his password by following the on-screen instructions.

While this method is free, it is risky. Your boyfriend might know what you’re doing because they might be notified of the password change through email. Plus, if your boyfriend has locked his Facebook app with an app locker, accessing it will be impossible.

For these limitations, we suggest you go for the third option to see your boyfriend’s activity on Facebook:

3. Use a Monitoring App

Owing to the rise in technology, monitoring apps have also become quite advanced. You can now use monitoring apps to track someone’s location, get access to the files they’ve stored on their phones, and even see what they’re typing on their phones. Many monitoring apps even allow you to set geolocations and keywords for keyloggers, so they don’t have to keep their eyes fixated on the app all the time.

So, if your question is: how can I see who my boyfriend interacts with on Facebook, spy apps is your answer. However, not all spy apps are reliable. You will find many spy apps promising phone tracking for free and many that promise premium features for a one-time price or an extremely low price.

The low price might be a bait to get you to install the app. But you should always go for a reliable monitoring app. Many of the most reliable apps for monitoring have monthly plans. Some of the most popular names in this category are Spynger, mSpy, and Eyezy.

We will talk more about Spynger in the next section.

How Spynger Can Help?


Spynger is a top-rated phone monitoring app. Used mostly by parents, employers, and concerned partners, it is top-rated because it is one of the most reliable and feature-rich apps in the category.

First things first, this app allows you to monitor almost all social media apps, not just Facebook. So, if your partner is using another app for cheating, you don’t have to fret with Spynger.

Here’s a list of apps you can monitor on your partner’s phone using Spynger:

The best part is that this app is also great for tracking your boyfriend’s location, getting access to the media stored on his phone, and even recording his mobile screen. So, you get a complete package. No wonder, Spynger is called a premium app and is top-rated too.

Here’s a list of the features that Spynger offers apart from social media monitoring:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Call monitoring
  • App monitoring
  • Message monitoring
  • Keyword tracking
  • Screen recording

How to Set Up Spynger?

Setting up Spynger is fairly easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow:

  1.  Visit the Spynger website and pick a plan.
  2. Subscribe to your chosen plan and set up an account.
  3.  Get access to the target phone and install the APK file on it.
  4. Follow the instructions to download the app on the target phone.
  5. On the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set up.
  6.  Delete the APK file from the target phone.
  7. You have access to the device and you can now access it through your mobile or computer device.


When you’re suspicious of your boyfriend’s Facebook activities, the first thing that pops into your mind is: How to find out who my boyfriend is talking to on messenger for Facebook for free. But you should be aware of free apps, for they can hack your personal information and sell your data to third parties.

Premium apps like Spynger are not only risk-free but also allow you to get wider access to your partner’s phone. With Spynger, you can track their location, record their screen, and get access to a dozen more apps rather than just Facebook.

So, the next time you think how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone for free, consider spending a little money to get access to a premium and reliable app like Spynger.


How do I see my boyfriend’s secret messages on Facebook?

If your boyfriend is acting suspiciously with his Facebook account, you can see his secret messages by getting a keylogger or resetting his password to gain access to his Facebook account. However, the best way to see your boyfriend’s Facebook messages is by using premium, reliable monitoring apps like Spynger.

How can I tell if my partner is messaging someone on Messenger if they delete the messages?

If your partner deletes the messages, you can see their messages through a keylogger application if you’re tack-savvy. You can also use a monitoring app like Spynger to get access to their text messages, Facebook messages, and messages on any other app like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Kik, Tinder, Line, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Hangouts, and Discord.

Patrice Sol is an esteemed author specializing in the art of catching cheaters and unmasking hidden truths. Leveraging her extensive experience as a private investigator and keen insights into human psychology, Patrice has honed her skills in unraveling complex webs of lies.

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