How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend on His Phone

man cheating

Statistics show that 20% of heterosexual men are likely to cheat on their partners. Some of the factors that might motivate men to become unfaithful include dissatisfaction in their marriage and the allure of better sex. Learning how to catch a cheating boyfriend on his phone can help you gather enough evidence to confront him. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

When a man first starts cheating, you might notice subtle changes in his grooming, patterns and mannerisms. For instance, he may suddenly start working out or getting home at odd hours.

Sometimes you might simply have a gut feeling that my boyfriend is cheating ─ don’t disregard these telltale pointers, however upsetting they might be.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating using some effective techniques.

Why Do Men Cheat?

man cheating

There’s a variety of reasons why men cheat. Research shows that most unfaithful men feel sexually or emotionally disconnected from their partners. Others feel unappreciated or severely neglected by their spouses.

However, some men simply grow bored of their current relationship and yearn for the excitement of dating a different woman. One study revealed that men who lack commitment are highly likely to start an affair.

Knowing how to catch a girlfriend cheating is rather easy because women become fairly detached from the guys they’re dating if they fall out of love with them or spark a clandestine affair with a charming lover.


15 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Some men are remarkably good at hiding their secret affairs. However, there are several signs your boyfriend is cheating on you. These include:

1. Paying Closer Attention to His Looks

If your boyfriend suddenly upgrades his wardrobe and starts hitting the gym, he might be trying to impress his newfound lover.

2. Sudden Change in Schedule

Does your man come home late or attend dubious job retreats during the weekends? Chances are he’s seeing someone else. Using an app to see who your boyfriend is texting can really come in handy here.

3. Changes in His Sex Life

Healthy men have a naturally high sex drive. If your partner suddenly starts demonstrating new bedroom styles or wants you to explore different things, here’s your answer to “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”

4. Constantly Being Offline or Unreachable

Another sign your partner is cheating on you is his sudden passiveness. He might stop picking up your calls when he’s away or take significantly longer to reply to your texts.

5. Becoming More Secretive

If he suddenly becomes cagey, hides his phone more often and takes calls in another room, then he’s certainly hiding something.

6. Avoiding Being Emotionally Intimate

Your boyfriend might start becoming cold or emotionally distant when he’s cheating. His lack of intimacy could be triggered by feelings of dissatisfaction in your relationship.

7. Uncharacteristic Scent on Their Attire

Do your man’s clothes smell bizarre? Or perhaps you found lipstick marks on his shirt. Learning how to catch a cheating boyfriend will help you discover if he’s having an affair.

8. Unexplained Spending

So, you’ve noticed some unusual expenses that your boyfriend is trying to hide. If he offers an unconvincing explanation for his odd spending habits, then he might just be cheating on you.

9. Requesting for More Space and Privacy

Relationships should be based on trust and open communication. If your partner suggests that he needs space or complains that you’re encroaching on his privacy, start investigating whether he’s cheating.

10. Suddenly Creating Device Passwords

If you’re wondering how to find out if your partner is cheating online, try checking their phone or computer. People who change their device passwords without informing their partners are most likely cheating.

11. Spending Less Quality Time With You

Has your boyfriend been spending less time with you recently? If yes, this catch your boyfriend cheating app can help you identify whether he’s cheating.

12. Massive Irritability and Mood Swings

Your partner might suddenly grow moody and irritable over trivial issues, suggesting that he’s probably tired of the relationship.

13. Showing You More Affection or Appreciation

Some men may start showering their partners with more love and affection than usual. This extra appreciation is normally a guilt reflex that suggests they’re cheating.

14. You No Longer Take Cute Photos Together

If your boyfriend starts taking fewer selfies of you two together, then he might be attracted to someone else.

15. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling

Whenever I have a gut feeling that my boyfriend is cheating, I’m usually right. You should never ignore your sixth sense, however unpleasant it is.

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend on His Phone

There are several methods you can utilize to catch an unfaithful partner. Let’s discuss some of them below.

  1. Track His Location. You can use an inconspicuous tracking device or install a tracking app on his phone to get his real-time location on a map.
  2. Check His Social Media. You might be wondering how to find out if my boyfriend is on Tinder. Well, checking his social media profiles can provide vital clues on whether he’s cheating.
  3. Look Through His Messages. Choose a time when he’s distracted and go through his phone messages to discover who he’s been chatting with.
  4. Track His Movements With Uber. Does your boyfriend often use Uber to move around? Hacking his Uber account can help you understand where he frequently visits.
  5. Check His Media Files. Most men have secret photos, video clips and audio recordings stored in their gallery. Ensure you view all his multimedia files if you suspect he’s cheating.

How to Use a Spy App to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

Spy apps are quickly becoming popular because of their remarkable ability to monitor other people’s messages, call logs, social media chats, emails and more.

Spynger is a powerful tracking app that allows users to check whether their partners are cheating. Some of its most popular features include:

  • Social Media Monitoring. You can read all their chats on Instagram, Viber, Tinder and an assortment of other social networking sites.
  • Keylogger. This tool records and stores all their keystrokes so you’re aware of everything they type.
  • Gallery Viewer. You can check photos and videos that your boyfriend shares with others.
  • Call Log Tracker. You can even check who they’ve been calling using Spynger.

Other features include a GPS location tracker, SMS monitor and Screen recorder.

Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me: Final Thoughts

Learning what to do when your boyfriend is cheating on you can help you avoid regrets later on. Whatever the case, make sure you take ample time to process everything and avoid acting out of anger. From my experience, using a top-rated spy app such as Spynger is the best way to know whether my boyfriend is cheating on me.

Patrice Sol is an esteemed author specializing in the art of catching cheaters and unmasking hidden truths. Leveraging her extensive experience as a private investigator and keen insights into human psychology, Patrice has honed her skills in unraveling complex webs of lies.

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