Narcissist Cheating Patterns: Exposing the Dark Side

Narcissist Cheating Patterns

Narcissists tend to follow certain predictable patterns when it comes to cheating in relationships. Understanding these narcissist cheating patterns can help their partners identify red flags and protect themselves from further harm.

Do Narcissists Cheat?

Yes, narcissists are very likely to cheat on romantic partners. Their sense of entitlement, need for validation, lack of empathy, and tendency to get bored easily in relationships predispose them to infidelity. The female narcissist cheating patterns and male ones are pretty much the same, and we are going to describe them all.
Narcissists feel entitled to have their ego stroked, and their whims gratified outside of committed relationships. They seek validation through sexual and romantic conquests. They aren’t constrained by guilt, remorse, or a sense of duty to their partners. And once the excitement fades in a long-term relationship, they crave the thrills of new relationships.
Their partners are likely to feel hurt, betrayed, and manipulated when discovering a narcissist’s cheating, but the narcissist shows little genuine remorse. For narcissists, their own desires and perceived needs nearly always take precedence over commitment and loyalty.

Why Do Narcissists Cheat?

Narcissists are highly likely to cheat on partners for several key reasons:

  • They feel entitled to pursue pleasure outside the relationship and to have their ego stroked endlessly.
  • They crave excitement, variety, and novelty once a romantic relationship moves beyond the thrilling honeymoon phase.
  • They seek validation through sexual and romantic conquests with new people.
  • They lack empathy and real remorse, so they don’t experience guilt over the pain they cause romantic partners. This is one of the main reasons why narcissist cheat. 
  • They are paranoid that others are being unfaithful and project their own disloyalty onto their mates.
  • They are impulsive and fail to inhibit urges to pursue new conquests that intrigue them.
  • They blame their partners for “failing” to meet their needs as a justification for cheating.

Signs a Narcissist is Cheating on You

Signs a Narcissist is Cheating

Lack of Empathy and Remorse

A key trait of narcissists is their lack of empathy. They often cheat without considering or caring about how it will impact their partner emotionally. When caught, they may express little genuine remorse. Rather than apologizing, they are more likely to justify, deny, or blame their partner for their cheating behavior.

Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists feel entitled to pursue their own pleasure, regardless of commitments or vows of monogamy. They may feel it’s their right to have sexual variety, excitement, and ego gratification from illicit relationships. This sense of entitlement overrides any duties of loyalty toward a committed partner and stands as one of the prominent examples of narcissist cheating signs.


Narcissists crave attention and admiration. Cheating can provide a thrilling source of attention, flattery, excitement, and a confirmation of their own appeal. Having “affairs on the side” can feed a narcissist’s ego and desire for romantic and sexual conquest.

Boredom and Restlessness

Narcissists get bored easily. They may cheat simply for excitement, variety, and novelty. The early stages of a relationship provide a constant source of attention and thrills for a narcissist. But they quickly tire of partners once the excitement wanes. Straying is a way to revive those early feelings.

Lack of Impulse Control

Cheating narcissist can be impulsive and seek immediate gratification of their wants and needs. They may cheat whenever an opportunity for a new romantic or sexual encounter arises that intrigues them. They lack the restraint to inhibit impulses, even if they have a committed partner.

Projection and Paranoia

Narcissists tend to be suspicious and paranoid about their mates cheating on them. This paranoia may actually be a projection – their own lack of loyalty causes them to assume their partners must also be unfaithful. It is one of the prominent narcissists and cheating patterns. Projection provides a handy justification for their own cheating – “everyone does it.”


Narcissists tend to be highly secretive, which allows them to compartmentalize their covert cheating activities. They may even deny or lie about cheating when caught directly. Secret communications and hidden behaviors are common signals of potential narcissistic cheating.

Intensity Followed by Withdrawal

Narcissistic cheater often pursues new mates intensely in order to secure their affection. Once the excitement of the honeymoon phase wears off, they quickly devalue partners, lose interest, and withdraw. Ongoing cheating allows them to feed their constant need for fresh excitement.

Blaming the Partner

When caught cheating, narcissists turn the tables to blame their partner. They may accuse their partner of failing to meet their needs, being inferior in some way, or not providing enough praise, excitement, or affection. Partners may internalize blame, doubting themselves rather than recognizing the narcissist’s patterns.

How to Catch a Narcissist Cheating?


Spynger is an innovative and robust digital tool designed to monitor smartphone activity to help you detect narcissist cheater. It provides a comprehensive overview of all activities on a targeted device.

With Spynger, you can discreetly monitor and record all these activities, providing you with crucial information that can help you uncover if a narcissist is cheating.

Importantly, this tool operates in stealth mode, meaning the user of the targeted device will be unaware of its presence, ensuring your investigations remain confidential.

Features of Spynger

Spynger comes equipped with a suite of insightful features designed to provide comprehensive monitoring of a targeted device when a narcissist cheats.

  1. Call and Text Monitoring: Spynger allows for the tracking of all incoming, outgoing, and even missed calls, along with detailed call logs. It also provides the ability to read all sent and received text messages on the targeted device.
  2. Social Media Surveillance: This tool tracks interactions across various social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, providing insights into the user’s online behavior and interactions.
  3. GPS Tracking: Spynger offers real-time GPS tracking, giving the precise location of the targeted device at any given time. It can also track the device’s location history to detect narcissists and infidelity.
  4. Browser History Monitoring: This tool allows you to access the user’s internet browsing history, giving insights into the websites visited, and online searches conducted.
  5. Stealth Mode: Spynger operates in a completely stealth mode, ensuring the user of the targeted device is unaware of the tool’s presence. This ensures your monitoring activities remain covert and confidential.
  6. Media access:  Spynger allows for access to all media files on the targeted device, including photos and videos.


In conclusion, narcissistic cheating can cause immense pain and damage to a relationship. It is important to be aware of the narcissist cheating signs and take appropriate measures to protect oneself. With tools like Spynger, it is possible to gather evidence and confront a narcissist about their infidelity. Remember that you deserve honesty and respect in a relationship, and do not let a narcissist’s behavior make you doubt your self-worth.  So, stay alert and trust your instincts to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Patrice Sol is an esteemed author specializing in the art of catching cheaters and unmasking hidden truths. Leveraging her extensive experience as a private investigator and keen insights into human psychology, Patrice has honed her skills in unraveling complex webs of lies.

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